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A call for all Ad network providers!

Online advertising is one of the most places money is spent on the Internet. Network Ad providers, where you have publishers vs. advertisers is a win-win business model and major Internet companies rely on it (partially or completely) as part of their revenues. To name some for illustration purposes, Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and Facebook all are some providers of Ad network.

We see these ads everywhere on websites, blogs, and even inside mobile apps. My aim today is not to explain how this business model works, but I want to raise a voice for those companies that distribute those ads.

Starting an ad campaign would cost 100$ which might allow a web link to appear for approximately 100 users. The story begins with a link to a site that promise people of a great business opportunity with a fancy look and feel, with the famous footer combining as seen on (CNN, NY Times,…) and testimonials from fictitious people who tells you how that business changed their lives. We might need a survey to see how many people would click on such an ad, and how many really could believe that a fake business might be true.

To take the issue from a realistic point of view, the majority of us will be interested to know if really there is a way to make money fast, or change the way we work, or maybe have the chance to work from a tropical island in the Indian Ocean. So people can easily get tricked by such ads. So where is the ethical responsibility of the network provider that allowed fake business ads? Shouldn’t they check whether that ad represent something real? Or it is just “Let us accept anything as long as they are paying money back?”

What made me write this post is that I passed over a site called http://www.ripoffreport.com Rippoff Report, known for consumers complaints about businesses. I saw the mass number of people that were really stolen their money for nonexistent business they found only through an ad over the internet.

There is should be more regulation, in my opinion, that let everyone happy including the advertisers, publishers, and the ads brokers. Anyone agree with that?

I would be very happy to hear back comments from readers.

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