Got an idea, 3 things to remember

There are few things that you should remember to do when you decide to proceed with implementing a new idea.


1- Commitment:

You should learn how to keep it up because after sometime if you don’t follow up with yourself on what you have planned to do you will lose interest in your idea and maybe you will miss a chance that someone else sitting maybe in the other part of the world will do it, and then you will regret why you did gave up going forward.

2- Believe in yourself and your idea:

Don’t hesitate about the value of what you are trying to do. Humans have that silly sense of doubting themselves usually but you have to avoid that when possible. Many times you have an idea that is superb but a voice in you says “oh that has been done a lot” or “I don’t have the resources how I can do it”. If you hear to this voice then you are missing your chance again. Have the self-confidence and the strong belief that can let you ignore your family or friends telling you: “That is impossible” or “You will not do it” and other sentences that you should train yourself to hear and throw aside.


3- Make it fun:

Don’t think about the idea as a business model only; try to see the fun side of it. Think about it as a hobby that you are doing because you enjoy doing it. Taking the matter too much seriously might affect your commitment and self-confidence that I just discussed. As an example see how Facebook idea went from the dorms of Harvard University. Mark Zuckerberg wrote his FaceMash (Later to become Facebook) for fun (Read more on Wikipedia

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