My own classification for social networking use

Majority of us today have at least one social network account whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn. When it comes to professionals the use of these social networks becomes critical because they are aware that their social activities might affect their relationships with their colleagues, employers or customers. I have seen many people that have a mix of everything on their social network profiles, and I think that they assume that social is every activity that can be shared with someone else.

But I have a different view, and for a while I am trying to apply my theory when it comes to social media sites. I have four accounts that I classify as follow:

–          Facebook: This account is mainly used for sharing updates with relatives and close friends. I think that Facebook is less or more a fun place where you can share jokes, family pictures, and any kind that can be considered to be shared with people you really know them. In other word Facebook for me is only for fun, but that doesn’t mean that people use it for business, and in this case I saw many using two accounts to separate them.

–          Twitter: For me, Twitter is similar to a broadcast network where news and updates get repeated again and again. I find Twitter useful for sharing important news and to express shortly about an important status that I might really have. Twitter is a more open place where your followers can be people sitting in the other part of the world, and your account becomes attached to the topics you will be usually tweeting. For me again, I share technology news usually and prevent as much as I can from sharing personal stuff.

–          Google +: This account is a special use one for me. It groups almost all features that you might find in any different social tool. But I mainly use it for really heavy technical articles. I am not geek! But the stuff I share and write there is really intended to dedicated group of tech savvy people. As a user interface I can say that Google+ is the most appealing platform but I am using it less often due to the nature of the purpose I dedicated for it.

–          LinkedIn: Here where I always share professional stuff, because LinkedIn is intended for professionals to get connected together. I consider LinkedIn as my image to the outside world so it is the most serious place for me in the social world! My advice to all people is to prevent using LinkedIn the same way they do for Facebook for example, you might destroy your future career doing it!


Final words

To whom might read this blog post: remember your digital life is recorded and everything you write on your status updates and share makes you accountable for it so beware of what you write and don’t mix it up using social networks.

How do you use your social networks? I would be really happy to hear back from people and we can all discuss this matter.

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