Personal thoughts: 2012 review and 2013 resolutions

Today is 28th of December 2012. The date is important for me for two main reasons. The first one is that today I completed my fifth years with my life’s friend, my second half and the one with who I decided to unify my destiny with, my sweet tender wife, I want to tell you one more time I love you.

The second occasion I remember today is that 7 years back from today I left Lebanon where I used to live and I came to Sharjah, United Arab Emirates where I joined The American University of Sharjah (AUS) as IT Specialist. I can’t believe how 7 years passed already here, that was so fast. Getting with me some experience I gained from my days in Lebanon, I started to gain experience here in UAE as well. As I was always a believer that seeking education never has end, I pursued with my postgraduate studies and finished that at 2010. On the career side, it was not an easy path to reach my position now as a Systems Engineer responsible for a wide number of Linux/Unix Systems and the University main Messaging platforms.

I can write pages about the lifestyle here in Dubai and UAE in general, but what marks the end my seventh year here in few words I would say: Dubai is a lovely place to live with your family, a great place to work in, and a city where every project motivate your entrepreneurial skills hided in you.

Because of the life’s nature of being in cycles, my journey had many challenges that I had to face and solve, I keep doing that and but now in a more mature way than before.

In few words for 2012, you were a good year with many challenges that I managed and I don’t want to waste time to talk about what I wasted, but the sure thing for 2013 is that I see myself advancing on all aspects and I gave myself a word that 2013 will be a better year for me.

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