The Mobile Applications Development Ecosystem

The mobile app ecosystem

There is no doubt that mobile apps are one of the hottest niches in today digital world. With both Apple Store and Android Play market passing 25,000,000 apps download, these numbers are enough to show how this arena is showing growth in the modern era of smartphones and tablets.

Whether you are a developer or a serial entrepreneur, there are some facts about the ecosystem by witch mobile apps should be based on.

If you are willing to enter the mobile apps world you should start with an idea. It doesn’t matter whether you are planning to develop an educational app, business or even a game, make sure that your idea is not complicated to implement. The simple reason is that you want something easy to start with that you can build on. If you are a developer there is no need to show all your skills in the first app you will develop.

Once you have the idea, start to put a kind of a table of the main features of the app. This step starts before any UI or prototype design.

Next comes the wireframe and screenplay design stage then the development stage.

But one important stage; Do you have the enough financial budget to design, develop and advertise your application.

In the next few posts, I will discuss more about each stage of mobile development.

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