The new start

It has been long time now since I didn’t touch my blog. So what was going on during the past few months? Actually many big changes! The first big change for me was joining a dreeam team called Veeam!

I joined Veeam as a PreSales Systems Engineer 2 months back (wow that was so fast!) for the Middle East region, based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. That was a big move for me from the academic world were I was to the business world. From another perspective the move is also seen as a shift from the client side to the vendor side, and guess what? A lot of fun. My new job depends from me to be more mobile and move across the region and visit clients at their sites. Everyday is a new course for me as I learn a lot. I have also discovered some hidden skills in me as well like sales and consultancy which now are part of what I practice on daily basis. Now I start to feel that I am on track so I decided to come back again to my blog to get with audience interested in the loved technology called Virtualization and Cloud Computing. In coming posts I will start to allocate more posts related but not limited to:

– VMware and Hyper-V Platforms

– Disaster Recovery and Business Continuty

– News Summary about Virtualization, Storage, Cloud and for sure Disaster Recovery

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